fantasy trail & Tech trail

1 - follow the light and it will help you type
Ans-  projector keyboard
2- his name is stark , he is a hero above all and does not appear in games of thorns
Ans Iron man 3 (3d)

3 -first released in 1989 – – many screens
Ans Prince of persia

4- I am a Korean descent and my sensor make ur home secure

5. Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail
Answer is clapcart joker face art

6  What is blue humanoids comes in 3d
Avatar 3D

7. Flash cover oneplus
StyleO OnePlus 3 / Oneplus Three Designer Printed Case & Covers (OnePlus 3 / Oneplus Three Back Cover) – Superhero Flash

8. The princess of Agrabah is a wonderful walking companion
vans jasmine sneakers

The strange ways of the doctor on my wall Clue

9.The strange ways of the doctor on my wall
Marvel ‘Doctor Strange’ Officially Licensed Poster (30.48 cm x 45.72 cm)

10. 6 stories interlinked in a cloud”
cloud atlas

11 start your journey in the school of magic listen to the story of the wizards in a single sitting

Harry potter bookset of 7
12 for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strenght of the wolf is the pack
Jungle book paper back

13 first released in 1989 the price lit up many screens
Prince of persia the two thrones special edition (PC DVD)

14Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history,not fortune tellers
Immortals of meluha

15 Story that never goes old of a man with Hawk’s eye. And among st his many clients was also one scotland yard.
Sherlock holmes complete novel & Stories volume 1

Bumper Q
The ______ choses the wizard and i belonged to most famous of them all
Ans Elder Wand

16 I am of Korean descent and my sensors make your home secure
Samsung smart things motion sensor

17 I am smart I come from japan
Sony smart tv

18 The first part of me found on shore
pebble smartwatch (red)

19 I am a roboat with great move on the floor
Exilient readymaid

20. I come in shades of every colour and i will bromg music to your ears
Skull candy phase

21 U can scale highest peak raft
GoPro Hero 4 Adventure Edition (Silver) Action Camera

22 If you’re going to settle, I am not the one for you and neither is my. Brother,2
Oneplus 3 gold

23 – Freeze a moment…
Cannon 700D

24 – Food you cant eat, book you cant read, air you cant breath
A – Macbook air

25 I will nudge u to walk extra mile
Mi Band 2 Smart Activity tracker with Heart rate monitor for Android, iPhone and Other Smartphones (Black)