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Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail - Amazon oneplus 3t clue

Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail - Amazon oneplus 3t clue

Amazon The Oneplus 3t Trail fantasy trail & Tech trail

Q. Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail
Answer is clapcart joker face art

Q his name is stark , he is a hero above all and does not appear in games of thorns
Ans Iron man 3 (3d)

Q first released in 1989 – – many screens
Ans Prince of persia

Q I am a Korean descent and my sensor make ur home secure

Q. Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail
Answer is clapcart joker face art

Q What is blue humanoids comes in 3d
Avatar 3D

Q flash cover oneplus
StyleO OnePlus 3 / Oneplus Three Designer Printed Case & Covers (OnePlus 3 / Oneplus Three Back Cover) – Superhero Flash

Q The princess of Agrabah is a wonderful walking companion
vans jasmine sneakers

Q The strange ways of the doctor on my wall
Marvel ‘Doctor Strange’ Officially Licensed Poster (30.48 cm x 45.72 cm)

Q. 6 stories interlinked in a cloud” 
cloud atlas

Q start your journey in the school of magic listen to the story of the wizards in a single sitting
Harry potter bookset of 7

Q for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strenght of the wolf is the pack
Jungle book paper back

Q first released in 1989 the price lit up many screens
Prince of persia the two thrones special edition (PC DVD)

Q Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history,not fortune tellers
Immortals of meluha

Q Story that never goes old of a man with Hawk’s eye. And among st his many clients was also one scotland yard.
Sherlock holmes complete novel & Stories volume 1

Bumper Q
The ______ choses the wizard and i belonged to most famous of them all
Ans Elder Wand

Q I am of Korean descent and my sensors make your home secure
Samsung smart things motion sensor

Q I am smart I come from japan
Sony smart tv

Q The first part of me found on shore
pebble smartwatch (red)

Q I am a roboat with great move on the floor
Exilient readymaid

Q. I come in shades of every colour and i will bromg music to your ears
Skull candy phase

Q U can scale highest peak raft
GoPro Hero 4 Adventure Edition (Silver) Action Camera

Q If you’re going to settle, I am not the one for you and neither is my. Brother,2
Oneplus 3 gold

Q – Freeze a moment…
Cannon 700D

 Question 5th Final Fantasy Trail - Amazon oneplus 3t clue

Q – Food you cant eat, book you cant read, air you cant breath
A – Macbook air

Q I will nudge u to walk extra mile
Mi Band 2 Smart Activity tracker with Heart rate monitor for Android, iPhone and Other Smartphones (Black)